Friday, June 10, 2022

06.10.22 Nice one for the aquarium...

     Had the alarm set for 415 am, but slept through it and didn't get out the door till 445. Was surprised how light it was as I made my way down 195. I figured I missed any kind of bite. When I got there Leif was already up to his ankles making casts into good looking water. Today I brought 

the viewing tank with me figuring it would be a great way to view the bass I didn't think I would catch. After a few casts I went tight on a nice fish and broke it off, which pissed me off. I retied another crab fly with a minnow fly trailer and went back at it. Just as Leif approached I went tight and had this fish into the backing. I yelled at him to fill the tank with some water and I couldn't help but laugh watching him try and fill it and walk it up the beach. With the waves crashing just on the beach side the bass was caught up int he trough and I was worried to break this one off also. 

Luckily I landed it and placed it gently into the tank for some pics. I can't tell you how nice it is to photo them as they chill out waiting for a release. They don't thrash, they just kind of float, and breathe. Leif took some pics of me in action before it was released. As the tide dropped the action 

slowed. I hook a fluke that flipped off and Leif lost a bass, and landed a nice bass and a fluke. It seemed to be better when there was more water and the waves crashed higher up the beach allowing waiting bass to lay in wait and shoot up behind the waves to grab the fly. The stretch I was in was 

loaded with mussels and sea debris which easily got caught on my sinking line and tandem fly set up. My thinking is I got to get the fly down to where they are waiting. Beautiful morning, nice action fo about and hour, two hour drive for one hour of fishing, but the pic of the bass in the tank made it worth it.