Thursday, June 23, 2022

06.23.22 "Wipers" in the rain....

     A little lunchtime outing before the rains moved in. End of the incoming and the start of the ebb. Flat and boring looking water. No much for action until I saw a nice keeper sized bass grab my fly and he'd for the current. Fought it nicely, had the net ready, and snap!. There goes the leader. There must be something to be said about proper care of your gear. You can't fish fish and then salt and then leave your rod outside in Africa like heat and then rain and then heat again and assume it will not be affected. Good fly, good fish, good bye.

     But after that it was slow and I moved a bit in the hour or so I was there. When I went tight I thought it was another bigger bass, only to find it was a hybrid striped bass on the other end of my line. This are feisty, and strong pullers for their size. Hybrids are a cross between striped bass and white bass, either female to male or male to female. Not sure where these came from but maybe 

from Lake Wallenpaupack or one of the other lakes New Jersey or Pa stocks them in. Something different, kinda cool, glad to have got out. And for TBT, Throw Back Thursday, the below popped up on my Facebook page. It was a pic from an outing I had out front with Andrew Hamilton, where the big bass were all over and on bunker. That was a good day also.