Wednesday, June 8, 2022

06.08.22 Torture....

     So my better half tells me last night she is going to Red Bank for an appointment and has to be there by 8 am. Mmmmm. I have a great idea. Just drop me off at the beach and I'll fish for a few hours. Well, it was torture. Besides finding some micro baits on the beach and getting a few to pose 

for some pics that was about it for excitement. I did hook a bass, probably 24 inches, but by then I was in unsuccessful fluke mode. Water was off color a bit, about 9 it was dead low, and I didnt get a lift out of there till 11. This ain't the Delaware, it takes a long, I mean along time for the tidal range of 4.5 feet to be noticed. So in two hours, it moves about a foot. 

     I was dehydrated. Delirious. Overheated. Bored. Aggravated. And really didn't care if I caught a fish or not. I'm a first light or into the dark kinda guy. This midday hot ass off color fishing isn't for 

me, except, if I was up in the Vineyard. Last night I saw a post from Edward Janiga from Coastal Flyrodders where I was invited to give a talk a few years back. He was up on Block Island sight fishing for bass, I love the beachgoers in the background. It's that kind of place, like the Vineyard, where you can go down, walk away from the crowd, and sight fish for striped bass. I'm missing that.