Tuesday, June 14, 2022

06.14.22 Hey, that's fishing....

     Not much to say. Out the door at 230 am and fishing before 4. Tried the popper and hanger combo and had two jump the popper and I hooked one after a long cast, had it on a bit, abut then lost him. I was fine with that because I knew the action would get fast and furious. Well, the only thing

that was furious was me because it never got going and I stayed too long. After the popper dropper set up and after blowing my right elbow out with 1,00 casts and strips I went to the crab and minnow  trailer set up. That'll get them......not. So it was Leif me and Richie working this stretch.  Richie seemed to have 

found a litlet honey hole because he pulled a few small bass out. Now, Leif's my boy, and I'm not picking on him. But this is for anyone that takes fishing pictures, or iPhone pics in general, especially full length pictures of people. You have to drop your camera down to chest level to get the right perspective. Otherwise their heads look huge and their feet too tiny for their body. Now the pic above of Leif, came out pretty cool. The one of me, could be better. This is a perfect time to drop the camera low and get your model, me, above the horizon, rather than the brim of my cap connected to the horizon. 

So it didn't go without landing a fish. I finally got one before calling itquits. Leif got two short fluke also. The water was just starting to ebb, it was clean and green, and there was cloud cover, but, the wind had shifted to the N overnight? Who knows. 

     On the way home I stopped at Roseld to check conditions after this winters beach fuckishment. Ridiculous. Look at the drop off. look at the stratification of the different levels of donor "sand". It'll take a long while for it to even come close to being as it was, maybe it never will. Sad, I fished a lot on and around Roseld, caught a lot of fish, and have great memories.