Tuesday, June 28, 2022

06.28.22 A bass a day....

     I thought I timed it right getting down to the river at 530, a few hours on the drop. Well, someone opened the drain plug because the water was low and there was only a few spots to get them. I found that spot and had a bunch of chances during a short window. I went to the few remaining plastic envelopes I had left and tied on the below fly only to have it broken off after my first cast. 

     Always an excuse, but today's was I think due to excitement and wanting to get a fly in the water before the water left. There's some challenges here, and one of the biggest is the backcast and direction you can throw and land a fly. I kept trying to get it into the deeper water but it was tough.  

    The Orvis Recon rod is slow, which is good, as you can bend and load the rod quickly and kind of direct your cast better than a fast rod. When I did it right I hooked a nice bass which was the only one that made it into the viewing tank. One thing is for sure, you can't fish from an elevated perch 

and think you can hook, fight, land and just release the fish back into the water, they need that time to recover and get their strength back. The tank does just that. Tomorrow the tide will be just about an hour and I will get there an hour earlier and hopefully find some fish. As I was wrapping up I 

noticed my hook had snapped, probably done on a backcast that hit the metal or concrete behind me. I need to bang out a few flies if I am going to continue to pick away at the fish when the tides, temps, and time of day are right. 

      Well, I had a minute before work so I hit the dungeon and tied up some bait for tomorrow. Just one that should work. I'll be sure to tie up a new leader and tippet. The below fly hasn't been through a bath yet and some time in the water for the fibers to figure out where they below will help. I love the Squimpish material, but I find myself putting a touch of Softex on the fly just to keep in it some type of shape so it doesn';t foul. And when they do do foul, or after you catch a bass, the fibers are all over the place and you have to comb them back or it won't swim as it did before it got eaten.