Thursday, June 9, 2022

06.09.22 Nice night for some bass...

     Nice enough night, except for the NW wind coming down the river. Caught the incoming on the early flood. Skinny water. Made some casts and was about to leave when I saw a beast swim below me. Made some casts for a bit and then had it swing and miss at the fly. It was okay I didn't hook it, the visuals of the swipe made my night. I went on to land three other bass and played with a few 

more before calling it an evening. Didn't set up the viewing tank as I was in a different spot but the pair net is key, cradle them up, remove the hook, a quick pic, and then lower and release. A dunk or two and they wake up and swim off strong. Really thankful I moved to a part of the state that has a fantastic fishery, especially for striped bass. My new bud who guides on the river has landed over 775 fish this season, that's a lot of bass.