Monday, June 13, 2022

06.13.22 Don't judge....


   Hitting it at o'dark thirty in the morning before work. Looked at my offerings, which have dwindled down to almost nothing, and saw I have no poppers. So before bed I tied this up in about 10 minutes. I loaded the head with deer belly fur. It's kind of a snake meets popper. Why? Incoming tide I'm thinking and the extra hair will help it stay buoyant? We'll see. It's perfect stripers on poppers time, especially at first light, or so I hope. 

     Tomorrow night the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders have a special treat. Ben Whalley, a Bob Popovic's disciple, aren't we all, has come down from Maine to be the special guest speaker at the meeting. No doubt he's spending some extra time with Bob, and will be up in that special room in his house where a lot of the magic happened and was created. I won't be able to attend, but if you can get there, it'll be a special night. I wish they could have live streamed it.