Thursday, June 2, 2022

06.02.22 Amateur hour for sure....

     With the looming storm coming I figured I'd give things a look. Theresa had my car keys so I threw my gear in my truck after detailing it as its now up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. I'm testing the market to see if the truck I saw the other day might be a better option. You can see the listing HERE. So in my haste I forgot my sling pack, which has all of my leader material in it. 

     No worries I thought. So the water cleaned up nice from last nights rain. Tide was just starting to ebb and there was just a mist and some raindrops falling. I landed a few nice small bass that made it into the Keep Em' Wet tank. As the current started to drop and really start moving I made longer 

casts and saw the swirl, so I paused and connected with a really nice, I mean nice bass. I had good pressure on it as I tried to get him on the reel. But then he ran, and my fly line burned my skin as the finger joint, so I left it go to reposition. With the slack he ran, and when I try to stop him, my leader 

parted. I was dejected. After reeling in I realized I had no leader material on me. I looked around for any type of fishing line before just snipping my fly line and tying it directly to my last Andrew Warshauer fly. I fished that for a bit and then went smaller, all for nothing. On my last backcast my 

line split near the running line and my fly and line ended up in the middle of Route 29. I was done, and not by my choice. I really wanted to land that nice fish, would have looked good filling the tank. 

     And in other news today we finished clearing out my office. For three years I ran my private practice, The Psychiatric Practitioner, in Pennington, hopefully doing a good job helping patients with their mental health needs. The business end of the business was just too much for me. I'm a worker, swipe in, work, swipe out, and get a paycheck, with taxes taken out. I am really enjoying teaching nursing at Essex County College, and in a few weeks I'll be off for the summer, and then be ready for the fall semester.