Thursday, June 9, 2022

06.09.22 Went looking for some snakes....

     It's the season so I am told that snakeheads start to get active, and that lasts until the fall. So today I picked the nastiest places I could find on the top of the tide and went looking. Believe it or not I saw one, not on the hunt, but swimming in the current after coming up for a breathe of fresh air. According to the NJ DEP website under invasive species, "Anglers must destroy these species if encountered while fishing and are asked to submit a specimens to the Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries for verification."

     They say these things are a brute, going up over 10 pounds, and attack viciously when topwater baits are in their territory. I guess that will be a new goal for this year, snakeheads on the fly.