Monday, June 27, 2022

06.27.22 Never gets old....

     Even the little guys are fun in the tank. Had a break today so fished for about 45 minutes at dead low with just one swipe which peaked my interest and got me wanting to go back on the flood tide. Water temps up from the last few days but will enter a little slide down with the quick deluge of rain we got today, the cloud cover, and the 60 agree air temps at night. That should set up for a good first light in the morning. And I need to stay local, this new truck ain't no Prius, she loves to drink.

     This little guy was fired up and didn't need any time in the tank to recoup. He was a quick drop and go after being lowered back into the water. The tank, especially during this time of year, is a must have and not only good for me as far as entertainment is concerned but good for the fish as they get a few minutes to catch their breath before going back into the river.