Sunday, June 19, 2022

06.19.22 Happy Father's Day...

     Happy Father's Day out there to all you guys, and to the women who have to step in the role of father in a fatherless household, and there are a lot. It's not a great day for some, for those who have lost their father at an early age, or to those who lost a child before their time should have been up. But it's a day to celebrate the good times, memories, and hard work Dad's do for their kids and families. 

     Well the fan is still on and blowing here along the river. It really makes it tough to fly fish. I tried the popper for a bit without moving a fish and then dropped to the honey hole where I went 0-6 in about an hour. Prick on, lose one, see one, and none of them stayed committed. So that was it, the tank stayed empty today. In between the gusts and trying to do some line management I just enjoyed the cold morning and reflected on Father's Day. Thought about my kids, and Ryan whose no longer here, and my own Father who has recently started his journey now undergoing treatment for cancer. You have to live life each day like it's your last, but continue to take care of the responsibilities we have before us. God, if we only knew then, when we were younger, what we know now. 

       My mornings fishing was relegating to making some sort of downwind cast and working the fly along the wall. Before I left I got a tot that hit the fly and almost knocked themselves out as it swam tight to the wall. Once I got the one I was done. 

     After breaking things down I jumped in my truck and cranked on the heat. I was freezing and my hands shaking from the cold. The temps were around 56, but felt a lot coder than that with the NW wind. While I heated up I watched my buddy fishing in his boat. He was using topwater so I had something to watch anticipating a bass blowing up on his lure. 

     Besides it being Father's Day weekend last night was Lauren's 20th birthday. We are so proud of her as she continues her studies in Automotive Technology at Mercer County College and watching her day head to work as a technician, they don't say mechanic anymore, at Fred's Beans Dodge Chrysler, Jeep and something else in Doylestown. I'm proud of the Brady Bunch we have formed in our clan and enjoy watching each of them grow and start their adult lives.