Tuesday, June 21, 2022

06.21.22 "Evan, you're definitely going to catch a striped bass..."

     It's never a good idea to guarantee a kid that they are going to catch something when you go fishing. I did it kinda. Did the guarantee but then backed it up a bit to the proverbial "Fishing not catching" line. Hit it on the incoming. Water has cooled down to 70. Cloud cover. What else could

they want? Well wee did have one swipe at the fly one, two, three times and miss each time, which kind of made for a cool early morning. Love my girls, all of them, but its nice to have a guy around 

for a few days. We set off Cape May Sunday for a few days but were called back late last night because Theresa had a birth to attend to. We did catch dinner at H&H Seafood in Cape May. and then the sunset at Sunset Beach before we split. I am ready to start fishing the summer salt, although

Leif said it has been tricky lately, seeing the bass but having a hard time feeding them. The fluke are there, and this 24" doormat from the other day is proof. This one is still swimming.