Saturday, June 11, 2022

06.11.22 You never know what's lurking in the wash...

     You never know. Fishing the usual haunts. Thinking its always a schoolie bass or a keeper fluke but sometimes a better fish is patrolling the wash. Leif landed this 40 inch bass taken on an Ugly Ass Fly this morning. That's not only a good fish but landing it is equally as impressive. Tough on a sharp beach scarp and when they find that trough on an outgoing tide it can be an easy fish to lose. 

     My weekend is one away from fishing. Last night sending Erin off to her first prom and then heading south to Cape May. After we took a ride to Cape May harbor and I brought my fly rod and basket just in case I found some bass in the harbor feeding on the baitfish under the dock and boat lights. We didn't find any fish, but found a guy trying to get his car opened up after he locked his keys in the car. This is a skill I learned in my days as a firefighter on Rescue 1 and after 40 minutes we were unlocking his car. He and his wife have a 65 foot yacht and they graciously offered us onboard for some drinks and a tour. Now, at 65 foot, that is a real boat, almost a ship. They are making their way from Florida to Massachusetts. I sweat operating my 20 foot Jones, and can't imagine what disasters I could find behind the wheel of a 65 footer. Can't wait to fish again next week.