Monday, November 29, 2010

11.29.10 Thought of going south...but stayed up north instead

Monmouth Beach

     I thought about heading south. I've just come to realize that this fall run has been better for the Seaside/IBSP angler. But, I decided to stay here. I got to Asbury before the high tide at 1pm, and found a beautiful and flat Atlantic Ocean, well, actually Lake Atlantic. Flat. Dead flat. High sun. Gin clear. Not many birds here. Then I moved up to, Deal, Allenhurst, Takanasee, Monmouth Beach, I decided to stick around Big Monmouth for a while. It was beautiful, and there were birds, everywhere. Birds and bait in the water, just not a fish on them anywhere. I was joined by another fly fisherman who casted his arm out too and didn't catch anything. I waited and waited for something to blow up but it never did. I did more watching and waiting and looking through the binoculars than fishing. 

A flat 8th Ave

 Watching the birds on Monmouth Beach