Thursday, November 18, 2010

11.18.10. So...1) Do kayakers catch big stripers? and 2) Do big fish go in the river?

     I think the answer is yes. I opened an email today and found these attached! The angler is Judy, who I first met when she came and talked at our local Trout Unlimited meeting about Casting For Recovery. I met her again when we volunteered at the central CFR outing at Holmdel Park a few months back. She is a hard core kayaker and fisherwoman.

    This beast she caught in early November in the Shrewsbury River while out on her kayak. Nice fish Judy!

     Today after work I stopped by The Tackle Box in Hazlet after reconnecting with an old friend from high school, Phil Sciortino. I hadn't seen him for nearly 25 years. I then down to Sandy Hook and parked in the B beach lot and walked up and down looking for any sign of fish. No birds, no bait, no fish. Stopped and talked with a guy who was soaking clams with no takes. Hopefully this cold fron coming in will maybe bring some bait or fish around.

     I am heading up to the Catskills in the morning to check on the lodge in Roscoe and I might run up to the West Branch of the Delaware and drop a line in the Gamelands. Then hopefully it's out at 530 am from Shark River for some striper fishing from das' boat!