Monday, November 15, 2010

11.15.10 Where's the fish ???

     Today I had to spend the day up at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan and left Ocean at 6am. I could only figure what was going on at the beach, with an outgoing tide, first light, and an overcast sky. Around 2 pm I saw a few guys fishing the Hudson River in a park off the Henry Hudson Parkway in Washington Heights on my way home. I wonder how they do there. When I did get home I took a look at the tide chart and saw the high tide was around 230 pm, and it was 430. I like fishing the outgoing tide. So I threw my stuff in my truck and headed down to 8th Ave. There were a few guys fishing off the groin so I concentrated on my favorite stretch of beach in Loch Arbour. I was out off the sand bar and had waves breaking at my waist, casting away, for nothing. Not a bump. I talked with a guy who said that there was only one fish caught all day today, mmmmm. What's up with that. The big offshore nor'easter is gone, the waves are back down to manageable size and decent sets, the waters not brown, where's the fish? Where's the bait? I think the fish are off the beaches, as evidenced by some recent reports I read from Jim Freda. I wonder if they are still are on the sand eels during some parts of the day? I am going out really early tomorrow and hope to get some answers and see some fish. I know some regulars who probably know, and are catching fish regardless. Stay tuned.