Sunday, November 14, 2010

11.14.10 Fished outgoing tide 2 hours in Loch Arbour

     Since this morning was so promising, I decided to get out and fish the outgoing tide at Loch Arbour. The water calmed down a bit, nice and clean, sadly sun was high and hard. But I felt it and it looked good. I fished the beach and then jumped on the groin at 8th Ave without a bump. I was basically alone, so maybe others knew better then I.

     To keep things legit, for the blog, I will correctly call the "jetty or jetties" what they truly are, groins. There are jetties, but they are the structures that line the inlets such as Shark River, Manasquan, and Barnegat. I first learned the correct terminology from Chris Roslan, a writer that I worked with while doing an article that appeared in the June 2010 of Eastern Fly Fishing magazine on Jetty Fishing in New Jersey.