Monday, November 22, 2010

11.22.10 Quick ride to Seaside where I was told, "Save your money!"

     I was off to Trenton early this morning for an assignment at a construction project in the cities downtown. I was finished up at 130 and decided to take a long way home via Seaside Park. I have been following some of the reports from both shore and boat, yes I've seen pictures of fish, and decided to check it out. we're still in the full moon phase, it was still bright out, the wind was from the SE and steady to gusty, and the tide was on its way in. So what, I took a shot. My plan was to check out Seaside and then take the drive into Island Beach State Park. I saw a guy in the parking lot of the Funtown Pier and asked how things have been. "Nothin' " mmmm... a week to two weeks ago they were doing good. A few days ago the bunker passed by offshore. So I asked him if I should give IBSP a shot, " Save your money !"' he said. So I listened and stayed in Seaside Park. I found some cool water near the pier. Sandbars on bar sides with strong rips and deep holes. I am working on a "new" technique for fishing this type of water, borrowing some of the tricks used in fishing for trout in faster rivers. I fished the water hard with no results. I was nice fishing different water than what I have been on in Monmouth County. Nice to have a change of scenery and a cool backdrop with the empty boardwalk rides in the background.