Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.09.10 Got out late...it's okay, had dad stuff to do

     If I miss the fish because of taking care of my kids, family, or work, then that's okay. Sleeping in, picking the wrong time or day, or going to a different beach, that just sucks. When I pulled into Phillips around 830 am there were a ton of trucks. I figured they belonged to 1) guys who have been there since about 530 am, or the second crew who comes around 7 am. Either way, between the two they saw and had fish in. Today isn't too pleasant, N-NW wind up to 25 mph just isn't nice with the fly rod. Water was stained, waves a little big in quick sets. I met up with Al who is in a fish-catch-slump. He is getting frustrated, and is impressed with my recent catches. Funny thing is- he forgot more about striper fishing than I know. He's been at it for over 50 years! I fished the beach for a while using the spey rod. It's not a bad set-up but the line casts like yarn, and I can't get out very far. At one point I was all alone, and that's really what I like. I don't have to look and see what everyone else is doing or what they're dragging out across the beach. I can just zone in and concentrate, and fish. And every now and then it's just the perfect moment when you're there and the fish decide to come in.