Monday, November 1, 2010

11.1.01 First day with the new spey rod.....need ice for my shoulder!

So I got my spey rod set up out this morning and caught the last of the outgoing tide at first light. I talked to a few guys who said the fish came in good, a bunch of keepers caught on "Deadly Dicks" - so the fish must be on sand eels. I started out trying to cast my 12-1/5 foot spey rod like a 9 ft 9wt- that didn't last long. Then I started with some basic casting techniques that I invented because I don't know any basic spey casting techniques. At first I made some beautiful 20 foot casts and probably worked my way to 60 feet. For now I think I casts further with my conventional fly rod. I did spot a few fish up on top but they were out to far from me and only around for a minute. I realized I must have been doing something wrong when my elbow started to feel like it was disconnected from my arm. I was using all the wrong motion. I am sure it's a great way to fish, and even though I am barbaric at it, it is good in big wind, and on the few lucky casts I made, the line did shoot out pretty good. But, boy is it a "violent" way to fish. If you watch any of the instructional videos, it's "Whoosh, snap, splash...." But I guess if you want to get it out there, it's the better way. I went back out later in the day, fished Loch Harbour up and down with no sign of anything anywhere. I will be out very early tomorrow, and I will catch dinner! I hope.