Sunday, December 29, 2013

12.29.13 Got out in some snotty weather and got one more to make a dozen for the day.....

     I fell asleep watching the Jets game and when I woke up I took a look at the clock and the tide chart. High tide was approaching and I wondered how things might look at the beach. At my house it was pouring and as I drove down the flags were blowing straight sideways with a honking wind from the east. When I got out of my truck I knew this wasn't going to be easy.


     Winds were from the east to 30 and the rain was falling sideways. I couldn't complain about the water as it wasn't that off color and the surf not too big. It would be a quick outing with most casts to the north side of the groin coming from over my non casting side shoulder. I tried black, no good. Went with orange and white and donated that fly to the sea. Tried a tightly packed yellow Snake Fly that wouldn't sink, but a bass did come up for it. In the end I settled for an old mangled up white Snake Fly I had a few hits in the pocket before landing one to make it a nice even dozen bass to 24 inches for the day. Before I left the rain stopped and the wind swung around and was coming from the SW.
     I'm hoping the water doesn't get too dirty overnight. It could make for some nice conditions in the morning on the outgoing tide.