Sunday, December 22, 2013

12.22.13 Pickin' pockets for schoolie bass.....while we can


     With warm temps, at least in land, in the 60's this morning, hitting the beach seemed like a great idea. This unseasonably warm weekend has given anglers a nice opportunity to get out and hit the suds and get rewarded for their efforts. Yes, these schoolie striped bass aren't the sizeable fish we've had on the beach the last two winters but hey its fishing. And it's doubly nice just having fish around and not having to layer up and freeze to get them.
     Incoming tide, S swell, SW winds 15-20 made for lots of white water and a great time to fish the northside pockets of the groins up and down the beach. Nice sunrise and skies for awhile before the clouds and rain moved in as the tide turned. Didn't take long to hook up as the fish were in the wash and sitting in the pocket. It was a perfect new fly fishers type of morning. Fish took Deceivers and and eels flies and the "monster" of the day taped out at 22....inches that is.
     Before I left Al came down and threw an SP Minnow along the rocks and landed what may be his last fish of the year. We'll have a cold front moving in tomorrow, then its Christmas and all the chaos, in a good way, that comes with it. So these bass for me today may be my last of 2013......but there's still nine days left!