Monday, December 9, 2013

12.09.13 Just plain miserable out there this morning....

    I know fishing for striped bass isn't always done with blue skies, a west wind, and little churned up surf. This morning was just miserable out there. NE winds over 20, pelting sideways rain, and a big surf made it hard to locate spots to to throw a fly in any way effective. At first the south side of the groin looked best but I didn't get a tap.
     I took a shot at the north side (below) and was lucky to get the fly line past the rocks below me at dead low tide. Some times you just have to realize some days are better suited for the bucktailer or clam soaker, today was one of them.

    Still looking for some refuge from the south side protection from the wind and surf I jumped down and waded for a bit trying to time my casts over the breakers and mend my line with the sweep.

     I figured today would be better spent in the office editing photos or tying flies so after an hour without a bump I called it quits. I only saw one other angler out along the miles of the beach and rocks that I scouted so hopefully he got one for his efforts.