Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12.24.13 Good morning for the StormR gloves as the temps take a nosedive.....

      Well the cold has arrived as predicted. Air temps in the 30's this morning with winds from the N. The water looked fantastic with lots of white water on the incoming tide. Today was a day for the gloves as it didn't take long for the fingertips to start to burn from the cold. Hit a spot for a bit and then I needed to find a bathroom in a hurry. Luckily winter is when most of the summer home owners have work done on their houses and most plant a Porta-John out front. I owe this homeowner in a big way.

     I thought about going back to my original spot but took a drive and found more fishy water. With the pressure of the clock and an impending family invasion at the house this evening I......decided to fish anyway.  Didn't get a bite in the pocket so I moved to the open beach where you had to time the

the waves breaking on the beach. Got one bass to bite which made my morning and I didn't burn a lot of time off the clock in doing it. Yesterday I watched a friend on the next groin up from me crawl down on the rocks for a bit. I thought he had a nasty snag and was working it free. Today I found out he landed a beautiful 33" inch bass, which probably went from 14- 16 pounds. Now that was an early Christmas present for sure. Hope to make it out in the morning after the kids rip through their Christmas presents. Merry Christmas to all of you and yours!