Friday, December 27, 2013

12.27.13 Maybe the fat lady was only humming and not singing......

      Had my doubts this morning as I scraped the ice off my trucks windshield but I was looking to just get out and fish and enjoy a pretty morning on the beach. Cold at 27 degrees but no wind which makes all the difference. Caught the end of the outgoing and fished the beach and some rocks jumping around on foot and in the truck. 

     During slack tide, in flat and clear water, I went tight and landed a nice fat and feisty bass that was difficult to land as I was perched a little high on the rocks at low water. After a climb down and nearly falling off the rocks and in the water I got a hold of it. I have to say it was nice to catch one and miss another just when I was starting to doubt if there were any fish around. 

     I'm not getting my hopes up but maybe the fat lady was only humming yesterday and not singing her tune. Looks like there's some warmer weather coming this weekend which might just turn things on even for a few days. The fish I landed was robust so they are eating something out there. Just when you've think you know, you realize you don't know much when it comes to these striped bass.