Friday, December 20, 2013

12.20.13 Schoolie invasion on the beach this morning.....

     After seeing some good signs of fish life last evening I figured this morning might be good. Unfortunately, as many of you know, life does get in the way of fishing. Work, family, kids...those dam kids! Today I pulled getting my daughter ready for school and dropping her off. That put me about three hours behind schedule.
     Hit the beach mid incoming tide. Not too bad SE waves with a south to north sweep and the water looked great with good white water. Best part was air temps over 50 degrees! Fished in the area with Jimmy and Andy who were throwing a combination of things that swam and things that bounce. I went with a chartreuse and white Deceiver and went to the rocks first to fish the filling in pocket.


     After a dozen casts I went tight and landed my first of three schoolie bass. In all the three of us landed over 30 bass and probably missed just as many. It seemed the bass just decided to come into today pretty much up and down the Jersey Shore as I heard good reports from north to south. Maybe it's the pressure change which might make for good fishing this weekend. So, if you don't have any work, or Christmas parties, or last minute shopping, or kids sporting events (those damm kids again!) it might be a good time to pull out your gear that you put away and give it a go.

     Jimmy told me one of his fish was a keeper sized bass that took a Bomber off the front of the rocks. You never know what might lurk in those waters this time of year.