Monday, December 16, 2013

12.16.13 Hit the beach and the tip......

     Well the west wind has the surf layed down and its starting to clean in up a bit. Hoping to find a few schoolies scouring the wash looking for a meal. Hit the beach first while the water was still covering the trough and then went to the tip of a groin. Birds were out but I didn't see them doing or interested in anything, not even off in the distance.

     As winter approaches and we fight off the fact that it may be "done" I'll start to turn my attention to getting ready for the spring. That includes hitting the fly and surf shows that come in January and February, giving presentations to fresh and saltwater clubs, organizing my gear and going through my flies and placing orders or tying up my own patterns.

     I'll be hitting the back bays and rivers in the early spring hoping the sun has warmed up things enough that will get the early arriving bass looking up and willing to take a fly. Then its off to the Upper Delaware mid April to chase wild brown and rainbow trout.

    In the meantime I'll keep my "stuff" ready and my eyes watching conditions in the surf. I was hoping for one more boat trip before getting it winterized and wrapped for the winter.