Saturday, December 21, 2013

12.21.13 They were there but you just had to work for them....

     Nice to wake up at and have the air temps be 54 degrees. Got out on the rocks by 530 and had the moon overhead lighting up the rocks and the surf. Went with a black fly and fished up and down without a bite. As light approached I waited for the fish to turn on, well that never happened. Made a


jump to another spot and found a pocket that was more fishable with the surf building on the incoming and the right to left sweep kicking. Went to a chartreuse and white Deceiver and found one fish willing to eat as the sun crested the horizon. Talked to a few other anglers who picked up a fish or two and one who landed seven jumping around from groin to groin.
     I figured, stupid me, that there was going to be more fish around this morning following yesterdays "hot" bite. That's what makes this game all the more fun, okay frustrating, each time out is different, and you don't know if you don't go.