Friday, December 13, 2013

12.13.13 Cold but stunning morning out on the beach.....

     Well the cold spell we have looks like its going to continue through the weekend. I figured this morning I would get down a few hours into the outgoing to fish while there was some water around. It was cold and the water was flat and gin clear. The best part was watching first light arrive and then the sky light up like it was on fire as the sun rose. Absolutely beautiful.


     Worked a black Snake Fly in the dark, then went to a sand eel fly, then ended with a Deceiver. Didn't get a bump on all three. I'm starting to wonder where we are as far as the striped bass fall/winter season is concerned. Each year I go through the rituals with the "I'm dones" only to later pull everything out and go fishing again. I was encouraged seeing the gannets diving yesterday but I'm not sure they came in time to keep the bass, any bigger bass, around.

     At this time, I'm not done, I am hopeful to get out in the boat after this cold spell and before Christmas. I'm hoping that somewhere out there there is a warm sluice running off a channel holding some hunkered down bass. I may not be done for the year, but I am done for the weekend and into next week, I think.