Monday, October 31, 2016

10.31.16 No "Blitzoween" this year.....

Halloween 2013

     Happy Halloween! I must have been really into it in 2013 as these costume pics are from that day a few years back. In 2014 I experienced my best day ever from the beach, landing 16 bass to 25 pounds all alone in a pocket that no longer exists at Pullman. I guess, based on some past outings, is that Halloween week really is the start of some good fishing. This past week I had a stellar day on the boat in the bay, and then Saturday's all out Jersey Shore blitz, in which I didn't catch, illustrate that this is a good week to get out fishing.

Blitzoween - 2014
     What is funny is how things shut down yesterday and today. Both days I found little bait and moved to several spots along the Shore. Yesterday is was 67 degrees at first light, today more fall like at 47. Saturday is was 37. The wind is from the NW and it looked good out there this morning but nothing as far as the eye could see. That's not to say that someone somewhere isn't catching. Our new moon just came and went on the 30th so that should get things going again.

     The only drawback to fishing is that it appears the fish are either there or not. I have to resist getting caught up in just looking for fish rather than fishing for them. With nothing showing this morning I did have a swipe along the rocks of a small fish, but was surprised the usual one-and-done fish wasn't there for me or a few buddies that were on the beach. When it's blitz fishing time it can happen any time of the day, so, for me, being a first light only guy, I have to be open to the idea that the fish cane on the beach throughout the day.