Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10.15.16 I found that acre of bass.......

     Best boat day of continued bass action for me- ever. Best visuals. Best rocking' and rollin' around the boat trying to cast. Cranking' winds. Birds, bait, and only bass. I like the above image because in the foreground a bird is just about to finish off a peanut bunker, which is what the bass were on.

    I started the day off with the gate keeper saying, "You're going out in this?", and then adding "Well good luck, be safe." Nice gesture, but it made me doubt my decision for a minute. Heading out was sporty, even with the wind with the falling tide. I motored slowly around a bit not seeing any life at all. I had about 10 minutes left in me before heading in. I couldn't make out any birds with the white caps and the contrast of the land constantly in motion with the boat. Then off in the distance I swore I saw some birds. 

     As I got closer I started to get real excited. I saw birds, tons of them, and the fish were blowing up underneath them. At first I didn't know which flock to head to. But why pass birds to get to more birds? 

     So yes I found an acre of bass, maybe a few acres, and spent the next 4 four hours on the fish, landing 27 with the biggest measuring to 34". It wasn't easy, which I like, but it was non-stop. And, outside of about an hour there wasn't a boat in sight. 

     These fish, which ranged in size from 25" on up were strong and fun in the chop and the slop. I used one fly all day, an Andrew Warshawer tied white Hollow Fleye. It's all I needed. I had on a 300 gr sinking line and the 11wt made it easy punching it into the wind. At times the fish were all over the boat and even a bad or shot cast got play. I even tried the musky figure-8 and had two fish eat.


     For the past week or so it's been dead on the beach outside of a one-and-done fish. The bait isn't there yet, well at least today I learned that. Soon, the bait will traverse the bays and rivers and head out front. I hope the angler that has been making his trek to the tip of the Hook is there the day the bait and bass turn the corner.

Today was that good.