Monday, October 24, 2016

10.24.16 "I cannot tell a lie....

     So, after looking at the below forecasts, and talking with a few guide friends, I decided that I wasn't gonna do the boat thing today. Even though, after my decision, I flirted with going at 7am.

    So while things look flat on the ocean side, it gets pretty sporty in the bays when you have wind against tide. So if you do go know where you are and what time the water switches.

    Now that I've stalled long enough.....YES......that is a spinning rod. So when I came up with a no-boat plan I went to bed. I woke up at 1230 am and decided since I wasn't going on the boat I would do the graveyard shift. Much to my wife's dismay. I figured I'd bring a spinning rod, just to double check and area after I fished it through with the fly rod.

     I went from 1 am - 6am, so disgusted that I left before first light. I tried 7 spots, 6 outside and 1 inside without a tap, on either the fly or spin. I can't tell you how disappointed and tired I was after that outing. I caught the last of the incoming through half-way on the outgoing. Really???

    My buddy Lief has been doing well with the flat ones, including a real nice keeper fluke. Maybe that should tell us something about the water temps, and why there's no bait yet on the beach?