Sunday, October 23, 2016

10.23.16 I thought I had a solid plan.......

      More outsmarting our striped friends. I took my time getting to the beach today. I was on the beach just before 6 am and as soon as I saw the water I was like......later. Outgoing blow-out tide with the stiff WNW wind had this spot basically dry for about 300 feet out. This isn't a low water spot anymore. So knowing that there was no water there, nor fish for sure, I decided to travel north to the inlet where I would surely find tons of bait pouring out of the river and a plethora of bass and albies chewing as first light arrives. 

     I had just pulled into a spot and was getting my gear ready when I heard the text bling. Thinking is was my wife I went through the deep StormR pocket and found my phone........

".....2nd cast 28"....."

That's okay, I still had visions in my head......

     I made my way, way down, on the north jetty, it was the furthest out I had ever been. Surely there was going to be bait and bigger fish here. I fished for about 10 minutes then the dolphins showed up, then the boat traffic picked up, then I was out. 

     I walked the beach for a long while. Checked on an older gentleman who fell into a hole and almost drowned in a foot of water. Watched a lot of guys fishing and not catching. And all the while felt the water filling up my waders.

     When I got to my truck I couldn't get my right boot off. My foot was vacuum sealed in there and I was exhausted by the time it became freed. The waders are newly opened, but an older Orris model. I could send them in, and I might, but I decided to get some Leak Seal and give it a go both inside and out. There is so much rubber on those waders if I dropped a match I would burn like a tire.

     We'll see if my feet stay dry during the next outing. West or northwest winds are cranking' the last few days and will continue. That makes the bays and rivers wild and out front like a lake. Might give the boat a go tomorrow.