Sunday, October 16, 2016

10.16.16 "Maybe they don't bite on the full moon....."

     I am reaching my mental breaking point with these dam bass. During the day yesterday I tried to come up with a good plan for today, and here it was. I'll get up at 3 am, have a fly in the water by 330,  I'll beat the big incoming water and swells, the bait will be there and the bass will be on them...... I went with it, and everything fell into place, except, there was no big water and swells, the bait wasn't there and the bass weren't on them.

     I started at 330 and it was brighter at that time then when the sun came up. The new full moon was high and bright. Some say don't fish on the moon, well you can fish on the moon, some say you don't catch on the moon. So with the moon, it's high-high and low-low. Well two hours in and it was low. I fished for two hours scraping the sand, in the middle of the water, and on top. At 530 I knew I wasn't gonna catch a fish today. I walked over to a man made sand mound, sat back, and went to sleep. I woke up 30 minutes later. It was brighter, the was a touch more water, but no signs of the three B's.

     Just when I was ready to split, around 630ish, this poor five year old must have felt pity for me waving that rod around for four hours, so he blew up in the wash on a Banger.

     What was interesting to see was the acres of adult bunker off the beach with a whale patrolling in the area. That means the snag and drop anglers will be out, mostly on the boats, hopefully remembering how bad the striped bass numbers are if and when they decide to harvest a fish for the table.