Sunday, October 2, 2016

10.02.16 Some super positive changes after the blow.....

     Well this extended blow has changed some things for the better. If you know the above location than you know that even looking at it from last week you can see what an angry Mother Nature does, she took her sand back. I also took a long walk and found major changes on the wide open beaches. Finally there has been enough force for the water to push through the long, I mean long, sand bar that extends from Sandy Hook don to the Shark River Inlet. There is now good structure and after this weather we will have great places to fish where the bass and blues can line up for a meal of a variety of white bait. 

     I fished for a few hours started mid outgoing tide and didn't see anything or get a touch. In Deal there was a push by the sand troopers to open up the outflows that weren't extended. Once they dug them out there would be a flush of dirty brown water that would run down the beach scarp and turn the entire beach to Yoo-Hoo. Up north the water color was great and the temperature cooler. First light fishing may be good somewhere tomorrow but I fear the end of the incoming might ave things unfishable at least with the fly rod, unless there's a way to fly cast with a bucktail.