Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10.04-05.16 I know it's fishing not catching........

     Fished yesterday 9pm till 1230 am. Water was flat no wind. Popped and swam Snake Flies up and down the beach. On my way to work yesterday the wind was up and so was the surf. This morning the wind was stiff ENE on the incoming tide. Fished from 530-645 without a tap. Had some friends that were out with me and came up blank, but Lief did send me the above pic, and of a baitfish, rain fish, that was up on the beach. I had to relieve the wife and get the kids off to school, but had to go back because it just felt fishy. 

     So by the time I got out it was hour 5 on the incoming, and it was juicy, especially with the wind. Water looked good but the sets were quick and there wasn't much time or ease getting a fly down to a fish. I moved onto the rocks, which only had water facing north, but it was a blast. Perched on a higher rock, right where the waves broke, fun, and wet. Love snotty conditions, even with no fish. Back to the hospital tomorrow, back at it Friday, and from what I hear it might be nice before any part of Matthew we get on the weekend.