Sunday, October 30, 2016

10.30.16 Yep, today was a different day.....

     Lots of anticipation early this morning hoping it would go off....well it didn't. Not only in my spot, but I think along most of the northern Jersey Shore. Why? Well, the bait wasn't there, the fish weren't there, the wind had shifted, it was 30 degrees warmer at 530 am......and, we wanted it to happen.

     There was a ton of guys up and down the beach, some of the easily accessed spots were jammed with guys leaning on their rods just waiting, and the boats were moving back and forth and up and down like the birds.

    It takes a great day like Saturday, and then followed by a not-so-great day to realize how special some of those days are and when you're lucky enough to be there, basically alone.