Thursday, September 29, 2016

09.29.16 Back from a great escape....looks ugly, but not ugly

     Got back around 1 and things looked big, but definitely fishable, even on the fly rod. It was just about low tide and the water wasn't all that off color. Won't be out there in the morning, but will be on Saturday where I hope the same conditions exist. Time for the 11wt H2 and the 350 gr sinking line. 


     We ate at a favorite Angelo's Fairmount Tavern and then walked down the block to the Bass Pro Shop super store. My first thought was, 'Wow- I wonder how this as affected local tackle shops?". Inside it's huge and you could spend a few hours there just looking at cool mounts, the aquarium and just about anything to do with fishing, hunting, and boating. There's even a fly fishing section where I grabbed a few deer hairs for some Snake Flies and some Mustard hooks, in bulk. 

     As far as Atlantic City, it has changed, and not for the better. In my opinion, some places just aren't better cleaned up. There was a seediness that made A.C., well A.C. Kind of like 42nd Street back in the day. I do sincerely hope that conditions have improved for the people living there. But the casinos looked old and dingy, workers were striking, and the people just weren't there. Borgata and The Water Club are the best bets, in my opinion. We had a blast, lost a couple hundred, playing with our and house money for more hours than we could count. Great Blackjack tables and Sex and the City Slots. Good buffet, good comedy club show, and lots of comps for food late in the night and first thing in the morning. Sadly, we sat with a woman who had an obvious gambling problem, said she lost just about all she had gambling in the casinos and in the lottery. I asked her if she needed to call the gambling problem number and she said "No I need these mother fuckers to give me a comp room!" was then time to leave that table.