Tuesday, September 27, 2016

09.27.16 Quiet morning on Lake Atlantic.....


     As soon as I got out of my truck I changed flies. The wing was from the SW and I couldn't hear the surf so I knew it would be flat. There was enough light shortly after the high tide at 510 am to see the popper popping, but after 100 casts I knew it was be a slow day. Slack lasted until sunrise, well it was overcast, and still nothing was doing. I moved from the beach to the rocks and had a few blowups, a few the same fish that couldn't get it right and get hooked. I eventually got him, and found a flat rock near the groin tip to land him. Other than one other smaller fish before I left was it.

     I had to stop by the hospital and after I just had to know what it was looking with the tide on the ebb. I took a ride to long stretch of beach with a decent pocket forming after the storms and had more bait heading south down the beach that the cocktail blues were on. The water was flat, and there was hardly any wind and it just looked boring, especially with bait just swimming by.

     I'll be away from the water for a few days and it looks like its good timing. I wish I could fish tomorrow morning because I feel this blow will end the mullet run. It started late and will end quickly. However, the first day of a blow always fishes well. The best thing about this weather is how it's gonna carve up our beaches in New Jersey.

NE winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft...building to 4 to 7 ft in the afternoon. Chance of light rain and drizzle. 

Wed Night
NE winds around 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 5 to 8 ft. Chance of rain after midnight. 
NE winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 6 to 9 ft. Chance of rain. 
Thu Night
NE winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 35 kt. Seas 7 to 9 ft. Rain likely. 
NE winds 15 to 20 kt...diminishing to 10 to 15 kt. Seas 6 to 9 ft...subsiding to 5 to 6 ft after midnight. Chance of showers. 
E winds 10 to 15 kt...diminishing to 5 to 10 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft. Chance of showers.