Wednesday, September 21, 2016

09.20-21.16 Lots of scouting and fishing but nothing to show for it......

     Was hoping to give it the before work but I didn't, so I scouted out the water down in Long Branch. Starting to fish at five then working 7a-7p is just to much. What I decide to do, with my wife's blessing, was to get out at midnight an hour after the ebb tide. I got to the water at 1230 am and fished part of the graveyard shift until 330 am. The water was still up when I got there and over the next hours it got better, but not perfect. For a bit, I think the flood tides are better than the outgoing due to the structural changes done during all of the sand pumping. 
     I tried the popper, I tried the Snake Fly, I tried Farhar's MV Baitfish in Midnight Blitz color......not even a bump, or a splash, or any bait nothing. 

     Not wanting to be defeated I got the girls off to school and hit the beach, a different one, at 830am. No birds, a few mullet, with no signs of blues, bass or albies. I have to say I am frustrated by the yeomans effort to find some fish, or even like my previous outings, one good one.