Friday, September 16, 2016

09.16.16 If I just had another hour........


     Well, fishing before work, well just sucks. I was out again at 5 hoping to get a bite in the dark, and I held onto each minute as light arrived. Moon tide, E wind, on the incoming. Tough with the fly rod. Water coming up way up the scarp onto the beach. Wish is was the middle of the outgoing rather than end of the flood. Saw one fish jump, and saw some mullet wakes before I had to go. I stayed until the last minute I could 618 am, then had to call it.

     I got back to my truck and made the change, but realized the waves that I took over the bow had my underwear soaked, so I was wet drawers for the first few hours of my shift after swiping in at 7 am. I can't wait until next week. The water was warmer this morning so I hope it cools down, and the post moon bite would be on and the surf just a little more tame. And, I should have a few mornings where I won't have to run to work.