Sunday, September 25, 2016

09.25.16 Fall along the Jersey Shore has arrived.....

     Well, I was psyched. Had everything ready last night. Felt like fall this morning with cool air temps and fally NE wind. Conditions looked great. There was mullet, finally, in good numbers along the beach. And the bass were on them. I fished hard......  

                                                  ....... and didn't get a touch. 

     Started in the dark. Sinking line and a black Snake Fly. Nothing. Went to an intermediate line, same fly. Nothing. Went to a popper. Nothing. Went back to the sinking line. Nothing. Back to the intermediate line with a white Snake Fly. Nothing. All the while the anchovies were getting sprayed and the mullet chased by both tiny blues and good bass. 

     I fished with Richie who landed a nice bass on a swimmer. I spoke with Leif, who got skunked too, and he had a guy come and make a few casts with spinning rod and leave with a keeper. North of us my friends did well with nearly the same story, bass chasing bait. 

     I know it's called fishing and not catching. I know it's about enjoying the outdoors, and just being alive. But I also know I wanted to, and should have, caught a fish today. They were right there, just couldn't get it done.