Thursday, September 1, 2016

09.01.16 Found this from a few years ago....

     I was looking through some old The Average Angler images and stuff and came across a podcast I did with The Open Fly from out west in 2014. The image they used is one of my personal portrait favorites. One the rocks, in Crocs, with just a fly rod and one fly. No basket. No sling pack. Now fishing without a stripping basket isn't easy, or practical, but being bared down sometimes is just fun. I miss those days on the rocks. I miss Deal. A lot. I can't say how many times I fished that beat, sometimes several times a day depending on the tides, wind and moon.

Here is the LINK to the podcast. It's about my experience when guiding, a little about fishing the Jersey shore and the Upper Delaware. I chime in on the fun at minute 25. Enjoy.