Monday, September 19, 2016

09.19.16 Worked hard to find one....but couldn't find two

     I was excited last night to be able to go today, was just hoping that the predicted rain held out for a bit. When I woke up at 430 there was sound of rain outside so I had a good feeling. Started out a few hours into the flood tide and I started in the dark with a popper. Had to find good moving water, preferably exciting water, because the incoming water was just running up the beach from south to north. 
    When light came I switched over to a blue Snake Fly. I made a few casts in tight before airing one out behind a wave. One strip and the above fish blew up on it and quickly had me into my backing. I enjoyed fighting this fish and bringing him up with an incoming wave. It was a real good fish.
     I stayed with the same fly knowing, or thinking I was knowing there would be more there. I had a great spot but after another 100 casts I switched over to the below Deceiver, just because the water a bit off color and I thought it would work, but it didn't. It was a one and done morning. 

     I stayed through the first rounds of rain and when I thought I had done a good job of covering I headed south just to check if any albies were near the inlet. I had time until high slack so I fished the south side without a tap. I stayed until my ADHD couldn't take standing there any longer so I left for some coffee and to stay out of the rain for a bit. Working my way up I made a few stops as the high slack went to the ebb tide. Didn't see any birds or bait as I scouted a few spots from the comfort of my truck. I went north and decided to dress and check a long beach that has been good for albies in 


 the past but found no life. What I did find was the start of a pocket. The water behind me comes in over the high beach and empties along the scarp and exits out of the groin. A few more good tides and some snotty weather will transform this into a great place for bait to get trapped. I can't wait until things start looking like they used to and I can recall the days when the government ruined what was a great beat to fish.