Sunday, September 11, 2016

09.12.16 Spent this 9/11 on the South Shore....


     Spent the day with family out on Long Island. Beautiful end of summer start of the fall day. Walked Jones Beach for the first time and trained my eyes on the water looking for signs of life. No birds, no bait, no albies. However, I did see lots of action when I peered over the water on Jamaica Bay along the Belt Parkway. Lots of bait spraying out of the water.


    The flag was drawn down to half-staff and I did stop and read the 9/11 memorial set up at Area 4. On this day communities across the country each paid their own tributes to people affected by the events of the day 15 years ago. It is sad that it takes such a catastrophic act to unite a country and its people. May that never happen again on United States soil, or anywhere else.