Saturday, September 10, 2016

09.10.16 First fish, and a good one, this fall.....

     Finally. Summer is dwindling down. Beaches are now open. The "summer folk" have retreated back to school and parts unknown. First light is always my favorite time to fish. Darkness into light. I started out with a black baitfish pattern that got me a good take but caught me off guard so I blew the hookset. As light arrived I could see the bait just outside the bar, and further out a large pod of dolphins just rolling in breakfast. With nothing to show for my efforts, and realizing the sun would shut things down I contemplated going where I have known guys have ben catching fish off and on all summer. I actually reeled in before I came to my senses. "I have good water here. I want to fish here. I'm staying."And I'm glad I did. 
     I put on a  popper and played double-dutch withe the arriving waves. Timing my car between sets and on the backside I worked that popper up the beach. I had one swirl and a blow up that got my juices flowing. Then the above fish breached and inhaled my popper. It was so far down it's gullet I didn't think I would be able to safely remove it. Luckily, the barb was pinched and filed down and it slide out the roof of its mouth when I was able to get a pair of hemos onto the fly. I wasn't expecting such a good fish with the warmer water temps and really no bait in tight. Soon the mullet will be waking in the troughs. You just have to get out and scout and know the water your fishing and the tide and amount of water the fish will have to swim in. 

                 It's a new season and the Army Corps of Engineers have changed the game.