Thursday, September 15, 2016

09.15.16 Word of the day........Sporty

     Got out before work today. On the beach in the dark at 445 a.m. Let me describe the kind of morning it was. With the wind kicking my face got pelted with grains of sand that were getting picked up by the steady 25-30 N-NE winds. Then I almost did a few splits in the water at the either the waves coming in, sideways along the beach, or the water running down the scarp would separate my legs and spin me around. It wasn't a perfect fly fishing weather type of day, but that is my favorite kind of conditions to fly fish in.
    I gave it an honest go but had to clear out just before light arrived. I made this image just before doing a uniform change in the parking lot. I know the bait doesn't like it but the bass surely do. There was plenty of white water around and the air and water temps are starting to drop. Fall is here, the mullet run as begun, and good bass fishing is about to start.