Wednesday, September 14, 2016

09.14.16 Had Mom out for a scout around.....

     So my Mom retired last Friday at age 70, sorry Mom, after working for probably 50 years. I think she is like many people approaching retirement, so happy it's here, but uneasy at the same time. The uneasiness comes from both knowns and unknowns. Am I financially ready to retire? Do I need to relocate because New Jersey is way too expensive for people on a fixed budget? And, then there's always the.....what happens if I get sick and how long am I gonna live?
    Here's a Mom plug for any eligible bachelors out there, or know some eligible bachelors......Mom is now retired, single and available to a fine gentleman and ready to enjoy life, just a little bit more than she has before.
     At her office shindig Mom tells me she wants to start off her retirement with a nice boat ride, most likely in her mind along the Navesink, and then pull in somewhere for lunch, maybe Eventides or Moby's. That all sounds nice, but I had a different idea.

                                         Let's go look for albies!!!!!!!!

     We were around the tip of hook by 730 and we had birds from the beach out about 1 mile in what started out was tub kind of conditions. We chased the birds a bit hooking up with cocktail blues before moving out and chasing what might have been some albies.


     We took a ride to the New York side checking out Coney Island and an unnamed inlet that fishermen frequent in the fall. It was wind against tide over there and we found no birds or fish breaking. I wish it was on because I like fishing in the slop, and the albies like it to.
     The trip back was high and dry and when we got back the wind swung and died down and we had beautiful conditions. Not wanting to kill my mother with a long ride out just to see if I could find anything we stayed close and played with the snapper to cocktail sized blues. Quick drifts from the tip put us over blitzing fish each time. First I tried a bigger fly to keep the small ones away and maybe catch an albie, that could have been in the mix just watching the different rise forms that were made on the tiny baitfish.

     If you wanted numbers, like 1,000 small bluefish, then today was your day. A 5 weight with a tiny rain bait imitation was all you needed. Mom and I did pose with a small fish just as proof that we could catch something out there. After coming in I gave the boat a good washing and checking to make sure I am all ready for the fall. It was a good scouting trip and it felt good to be out there, although where I really wish I was right now was in front of the lighthouse at Montauk, and laying my head down each night at Snug Harbor.

     For lunch, or anytime after being on the water, On the Deck is always a good stop for a cold beer and some good pickens'.