Tuesday, September 13, 2016

09.13.16 Welcome back......


     Last evening I wanted to see how the late afternoon water was looking. I decided to take the short drive to the water and was glad to see the beginning of the reversal of beach nourishment. Today I read that the State of New Jersey is looking to increase, well double, the funding for breach replenishment. That comes on the heels of beaches in Ocean County being closed after Hermine due to dangerous conditions caused by erosion. While it's not like it was, as least there is a change in direction and a place for big fish to ambush little fish. "The Pocket" used to be deep, and very productive. Below is a picture of Charlie Shapiro working along "the beach".

Maybe 2010 or 2011
     This morning I had Dad duty followed by a meeting at the hospital so by 930 I knew things would be over. I decided to take a ride to Shark River Inlet to see if anything albie-wise was going on. Saw the wakes of the mullet and the spray of the silversides but no signs of allies in or out front. Here is my prediction for this fall......ALBIES WON'T SHOW AT SRI. The dredging that is occurring in the Shark River has the water, at least on the ebb tide, silty and sandy......not a choice for the pelagics. If I were a betting man and a planner I would hit Manasquan Inlet. Now, I may be totally wrong, and, the SRI may be good on the slack before it gets shitted up, but thats my early prediction.