Monday, September 26, 2016

09.26.16 Bass in the early morning....albies up all day


     Perfect mullet morning along the Jersey Shore. It doesn't matter where you fish. If you are somewhere where's there water in front of you, at some point, mullet will swim by and at least one bass will also. Had a great time in the dark with the anticipation building of light and mullet. And it didn't disappoint. It was the kind of morning where the mullet were in the waves illuminated by the sun. There was fish, and good ones, but soooo much bait that I am sure fish didn't even look at out offerings.

     Started with the sinking line and black Snake Fly. As soon as I saw conditions I switched over to the intermediate line. Had two blow-ups on the black, and then went with the popper because it was perfect popper conditions. Had two more blow-ups and landed one small blue. Last night I tied up some bait and gave the olive a try. Landed two bass, and then went up on the rocks. I hooked an absolute truck about mid groin, first good fish on the rocks in a while, and I have to admit I was rusty. It doesn't help when the rock configuration is now all different. So I was into my backing and made it to the beach. I had about 30' of fly line past the rod tip and I could see the big bass moving right to left with a small wave, then it came unbuttoned. I would say, maybe 32-35 inches.


        I knew conditions would be great looking for allies so after some homework I hit the boat. Caught the end of the outgoing and the albies were up until the tide died. The wind started honking with a SE wind and an incoming tide so drifts were fast, I mean real fast. Between the wind, the drift, the birds, it was hard to get some good casts in and down. I started a little bigger before settling in an 1/2 inch rain fish fly I had tied a few years before Montauk, and maybe that was too big. I hooked one, walked it around the boat, it dove, and I thought I would snap my rod on the poling platform in the stern.
     Lots of boats out today and everyone played nice and actually positioned themselves nice and wide and depending on the drift. Say Capt. Derek of Fischer Price land a bunch with his charter throwing metal. Funny thing is, they're on the rain bait, I had a alibi come up and refuse a fly at the boat, but Deadly Dicks are the ticket?

    I think the boat guys were respectful of the beach anglers today, not getting too close when the albies were blowing up right on the beach, and when making the lightning fast drift in from of them. The Miss Belmar Princess? Well, not so much. She nosed in right into the rip and stayed for a few minutes before hitting the throttles.